It is 09:20 on June 16, 2019 in Stavanger, Norway

Mobilizing Citizenship

This workshop is designed to give the students a sense of ownership over the space within the Kunsthall Stavanger and their own body. They are given the task to think about their body is in the Kunsthall space, how they want to use it and when they want to use it. Throughout the workshop they will be shown various techniques of “body ownership”. The final stage of the workshop is a performative moment of site specific work. They will arrive here through several tasks that will have been shown to them, including how to make material; how to edit quickly and confidently and how to respond to the space they are in.

The work was a response to the exhibition HURTS WORST by Amanda Ross-Ho, which focused on a pain graph used at hospitals to help children express the level of pain they were in.

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