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Mobilizing Citizenship

SNOW WHAT!? with Toxic Waste Face

October 2019

This workshop focused on questioning visual surroundings, challenging dominating visual standards, and exploring conceptual norms of what makes something beautiful through the realm of folklore, fairytales and fables.

The participants were invited to re-write the narrative of ‘Snow White’ using only Mad-Libs-style fill-in-the-blanks up until the conclusion, which the participants re-wrote entirely. The outcome was a collaborative “digital storybook”, created by Luke, Jader and Nick from Toxic Waste Face entitled, SNOW WHAT!?

Toxic Waste Face created a colourfully rich platform for the participants to explore literature, the structures it reinforces, and how those dynamics can be subverted. The participants were given agency over their costumes, characters and narrative, creating a texture rich fairytale with a contemporary twist to their ‘happy ever after’ .

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