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Mobilizing Citizenship

The Hyper Backdrop with Benedetta Crippa

September 2019

The focus of this workshop was to create a collective visual backdrop. The participants worked and re-worked their own visual portraits into composing a collective pattern using digital, automated, and analogue tools.

Analogue tools included collage and composing, while digital tools included photography, printing, and artificial intelligence.

At the end of the workshop the participants used the backdrop to take self and collective portraits. Through it all, we had insightful moments of discussion, critically reflecting on our references, choices and processes. Through the workshop, we explored themes of beauty, taste and visual norms, as well as artificial intelligence and generative graphics for the production of hyper-images and new concepts of beauty. Discussions also based itself on questions of self-image, identity and the perception of the self and others; activism and the power of crafting messages to ourselves and others through visual intervention.

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