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Mobilizing Citizenship

Physical Scroll with Andreas Knag Danielsen and David Lamignan Larsen

December 2018

In the workshop Physical Scroll, future adults were challenged to use an analog approach to question the use of technology in today’s society. They were asked to use themselves and their own interest in order to learn how they can use simple and accessible tools (e.g. cardboard, tape, scissors etc. and their own smartphone) to create a platform where they can be seen and heard.

Andreas Knag Danielsen and David Lamignan Larsen wanted to get the students to think more about where the line sits between the digital and the physical world, and how this affects us as human beings. During the workshop the participants built a large smartphone in cardboard, which became a stage where the participants performed and simulated how a user scrolls through images on social media. In addition to building the smartphone they also learned how to make artworks using radio controlled cars, resulting in the images that appeared in the videos.

The videos were published as live stories (time limited videos) on Kunsthall Stavanger’s Instagram page. As a continuation of the previous workshop this semester the participants also made masks that consisted of a collage of everyone’s faces. The masks were worn every time they performed inside the smartphone stage.

The final result consisted of an exhibition in the lobby of Kunsthall Stavanger in correlation with the yearly holiday party, where visitors could see the physical art works. The audience was also encouraged to visit Kunsthall Stavanger’s Instagram in order to see the videos of the participants performing the action of a Physical Scroll. Visitors could also get their photo taken inside the smartphone stage using an analog Polaroid camera.

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