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How if feels to be a young ghost!

Mobilizing Citizenship

YGRG Workshop with Eglé Kulbokaité and Dorota Gawęda

November 2018

A two day workshop followed the backbone of the YGRG creative process; where text becomes the basis for experimentation and play for a group of people. At Kunsthall Stavanger the participants and artists explored how reading together can be inscribed in the space, how language can become material. After charting interests we worked within an additive process where ​outlouded and inscribed words created and embodied vocabulary that were presented for each other.

In group the participants reconfiguring the text based on the exquisite corpse cut-up technique. The text created together was used during the second part of the day as a visual material in the production of T-Shirts/performance costume.

A final stage consisted of performances in front of 360 degree camera and a professional camera, which was later edited and turned into a series of video performances.

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