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How if feels to be a young ghost!

Mobilizing Citizenship

Made In a Day with Laurel Schwulst

October 2018

In this digital publishing workshop, participants first focused on objects in their everyday worlds they could hold in their hands and photograph with their smartphones. What can an object say about the self? How can the background and the way the object is held influence our perception? Eventually we made our own objects out of play-doh – “dream devices” for the future.

We focused on the interior world first (personal—objects, dreams) before making our exterior collective publication second (collective—collage, facts). Usually newspapers are meant to be objective, but they are inherently subjective. How can we enhance the personal perspective of our newspaper? We came up with a slogan, title, and custom sections for our newspaper. How could everyone be seen? Each participant had a role, in charge of a specific section. When deciding the sections and content, we asked, how is our online newspaper differ from traditional newspapers? How does our newspaper provide something that doesn’t already exist? How slow (like a book) or fast (like Snapchat) is our newspaper? Our final online newspaper, “Made In A Day,” featuring sections such as “ASMR,” “Futures,” “Music,” “Cute Animals,” “Gaming Tips,” and “Stavanger Tips” is viewable on this website.

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